Mnemoria is currently on indefinite hiatus until I can figure things out lol

The Nota Bene agency is known for their research and eradication of Cytotapilkutos— parasitic monsters that prey on humans. However, one case is found hidden deep within a deceased agent’s records from a place outside where they’re normally found, leading to a long, red string of events tying itself into a knot of uncertain end.

About the Comic

Mnemoria is a fantasy drama webcomic about reminiscing, death, coping with loss, and outcomes worse than death. While it bounces around several places, it is primarily set in Washington and centers around a secret human-daemon relations agency that research and hunt down parasitic creatures, known as Cytotapilkutos, that prey on humans.

This webcomic was originally called Kioku, but since that title was associated with bad memories, plus I was going through a huge weeb phase, I decided to rename it Mnemoria using a (purposely bad) mix of the Greek and Latin word for "memory".

I originally created this comic in ~2011, but I needed to restart it several times because I was just not ready for a big project like this.

About the Author

About the Author

Hi, I'm Blythe Harper, a Filipino-American artist from Washington and the sole creator of this comic. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in 2017 at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. I currently do freelance illustration as my job, but I aspire to one day make comics for a living.

For any questions or comments, you can shoot me an email at or message me on twitter.


Since this comic is rated mature and will feature mature content in the future, I've elected to remove it from Webtoon since it would go against the terms of service... plus, I hate censoring my content. I'm lazy.